Beginner Tutorial

File Encryption

1) Select files/folders to encrypt by dragging the files onto the Kryptor window. You can also go to File => Select Files or File => Select Folder. Once you have selected files, the 'Files Selected' icon will turn green.

File selection

2) Enter a secure password. You can use the Password Generator (Tools => Password Generator) to randomly generate secure passwords and passphrases.

Always store your passwords in a password manager (I strongly recommend Bitwarden or KeePassXC) or on paper before you click 'Encrypt'! Otherwise, with the 'Auto Clear Password' and 'Auto Clear Clipboard' settings enabled, you may lose your passwords.

Enter a password

3) You can also generate a keyfile by going to File => Create Keyfile. Generated keyfiles are automatically selected.

Keyfiles can be used with or instead of a password. When used alongside a password, keyfiles provide extra security.

Any type of file can be used as a keyfile, but it is strongly recommended to randomly generate them as this is more secure. To select a keyfile, go to File => Select Keyfile. A tick next to 'Select Keyfile' shows that you are using a keyfile.

Create keyfile

4) Click the 'Encrypt' button and wait for the results window to be displayed. Check that the files were encrypted successfully.

File encryption

Once your files have been encrypted, make sure you don't modify them. You can move them to different places and rename encrypted files safely, but it's important that you don't try to open/edit them as this may corrupt your data.

File Decryption

Decryption is exactly the same process as file encryption. Select the encrypted files, enter your password, select your keyfile (if you used one), and click 'Decrypt'.

File decryption

Password Sharing

Click here for a step-by-step guide on password sharing.

Password Sharing


Click here for information about the settings in Kryptor.