Password Sharing

Kryptor allows you to share a password with another person using asymmetric encryption. This allows you to encrypt a file on your machine, send another person the file (e.g. via email or the cloud), and then send the other person the password to decrypt the file.

Because the password gets encrypted, you can send the password via an insecure method of communication (such as email, Skype, Discord, etc) without the risk of a third party being able to retrieve the password.


SENDER: The person who wants to share a password.

RECIPIENT: The person who wants to receive a password.

Initial Setup

  1. Both the SENDER and RECIPIENT need to have Kryptor on their computer. The portable or installable version of Kryptor can be used.

  2. RECIPIENT: Go to Tools => Password Sharing in Kryptor.

  3. RECIPIENT: Click on 'Recipient: Generate key pair'. This will generate a public and private key. Write down or copy/paste your public and private key.

  4. RECIPIENT: Do NOT share the private key with anyone. The private key MUST be stored securely (e.g. in a password manager).

  5. RECIPIENT: Share your public key (e.g. via email, a messaging application, etc) with the sender. The public key is not confidential and can be shared using unsecured communication methods.

Sending the password

  1. SENDER: Once you have the recipient's public key, navigate to the Password Sharing window (Tools => Password Sharing) and type or copy/paste the recipient's public key into the 'Asymmetric Key' textbox.

  2. SENDER: Next, type the password you wish to share into the 'Password' textbox.

  3. SENDER: Finally, click the 'Encrypt' button and copy/paste the ciphertext password (found in the 'Password' textbox).

  4. SENDER: Send the encrypted password (e.g. via email or a messaging application) to the recipient.

Retrieving the password

  1. RECIPIENT: Enter your private key into the 'Asymmetric Key' textbox.

  2. RECIPIENT: Copy/paste the encrypted password you were sent by the SENDER into the 'Password' textbox.

  3. RECIPIENT: Click 'Decrypt' to retrieve the password that was shared.