CLI Usage

  Usage: kryptor [options] [arguments]

    -e|--encrypt           encrypt files/folders
    -d|--decrypt           decrypt files/folders
    -p|--password          specify a password for file encryption/decryption
    -k|--keyfile           specify a keyfile for file encryption/decryption
    --generate-keyfile     generate a random keyfile at the specified path
    --generate-password    generate a random password of a specified length
    --generate-passphrase  generate a random passphrase of a specified length
    --generate-keys        generate a recipient key pair for password sharing
    --encrypt-password     encrypt a password using the recipient's public key
    --decrypt-password     decrypt a ciphertext password using your private key
    --settings             view/edit your settings
    --benchmark            perform the Argon2 benchmark
    --documentation        view the documentation
    --source               view the source code
    --about                view the program version and license
    --update               check for updates
    -h|--help              show help information

    -e -p [password] [file]
    -e -k [keyfile] [file]
    -e -p [password] -k [keyfile] [file]
    --generate-password [length]
    --encrypt-password [publickey] [password]

When referencing file paths/file names that contain spaces, you must surround them with ' ' on Linux/macOS and " " on Windows.

 $ ./kryptor -e -p Stumbling-Sixfold7-Disband-Riverboat 'GitHub Logo.png'
 $ ./kryptor -e -p Stumbling-Sixfold7-Disband-Riverboat '/home/samuel/Downloads/GitHub Logo.png'

 $ kryptor -e -p Stumbling-Sixfold7-Disband-Riverboat "GitHub Logo.png"
 $ kryptor -e -p Stumbling-Sixfold7-Disband-Riverboat "C:\Users\Samuel\Downloads\GitHub Logo.png"